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We know how important it is that every do-it-yourself enthusiast is advised at his location and competently in the selection of his building material. That is why we see ourselves as a reliable supplier to the building supplies markets.

Our products cannot therefore be purchased directly from us.

As the market leader in wood products for the construction market, we offer a versatile range of domestic and sustainable products. If certain products are not in stock in your DIY store, do not hesitate to contact your local consultant.


Multi-ply Solid Wood Design Panels

Our 3-layer board made of solid spruce is suitable for interior fittings, furniture construction as well as for constructive timber work.


  • Natural alternative to conventional construction panels
  • PEFC certified
  • Good for the indoor climate, good for the environment

Simple application

  • No decorative follow-up work, such as painting or plastering, necessary
  • Workable with DIY tools
  • Easily customizable through pre-assembly of lighting, loudspeakers, etc.
Interior fitting with Multi-ply solid wood design panels
Multi-ply solid wood design panels with circumferential edge-groove-tongue connection
Black kitchen cabinets in contrast with the light spruce wood of the wall cladding

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